Felipe Sanchez' Never Before Seen 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Costume Designs

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Designing such an iconic costume for The Amazing Spider-Man was a huge challenge. One of the costume illustrators Felipe Sanchez (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Green Hornet, Speed Racer), shared some exclusive artwork of Spider-Man's costume and Gwen Stacy's (Emma Stone) look.

Here's what he told me about working on the suit.

"I was thrilled to work on style lines, web patterns and color blocks for the suit, gloves, boots and mask, but I have to say: What impressed me the most about working on Spider-man was the 'full circle' journey the ideas for the suit took from the original, vintage character to the end result. The exploration started with a broad scope of possibilities using Organic Life morphed with Advanced Technology, followed by a focus on Active Speed-Sport gear, then refined and developed to a plausible, Peter Parker invention. The concept coverage left no stone unturned for the 'right new look.'

"The payoff: A new suit design emerged with the Classic Formula respected, updated and enhanced. It was a great experience to be able to participate proactively through all the creative stages."

Learn more about artist Felipe Sanchez at his IMDb page.

What do you think of the illustrations?


  1. now those are cool, kind of hippsters... though i didn't care for the newest film... i may have to see it again.

  2. Jeremy, the movie kind of grew on me the more I thought about it. Sanchez created some of the most original concept art I've seen.

  3. X-Man~~~oh,it’s a amazing film,anyone who isn’t like it? I will say no !!  Especially the costume,I like it very much.

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