Syd Mead's 'Tron' Concept Art Helped Shape The Future

Syd Mead did a lot of amazing illustrations for the film Tron (1982). Specifically, Sark’s carrier and camp, the tanks, the CPU, various scenic sets and graphics; title graphic and alpha numeric “TRON” typeface. Those designs would help shape the imagery of films and television for decades.
An industrial designer by trade he was one of three concept artists called in to help bring Steven Lisberger's vision to life. I'll feature more concept art from Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) and Peter Lloyd later on.

Costume Designs

Tron circuit costume design

Yori's costume

Vehicle Designs

Light Cycles 
Interestingly, Syd Mead's original vision of seeing the rider of the cycle would only be realized by the sequel Tron: Legacy (2011)

Interior and Set Designs

Interior of Recognizer

Interior of Clu's Light Tank

Find out more about the legendary futurist at his website

This post wouldn't have been possible with material from several sites like Tron-Sector.

What do you think about Syd Mead's Tron work? What did it inspire?